Friday, November 25, 2011


Bored and procrastinating, I thought I'd write something. So I did. In one thought-quenching sitting:

It may be what we all experience when encountered with what we describe as a "situation". It's those moments of intense despair that overwhelm human beings for no apparent reason. Powerful unneccessary feelings about matters that are so idiotic, the slightest thought would render them ridiculous. Perhaps that is the plight of the human condition - that inextinguishable vestige of animalistic ignorance that prevents us from seeing through the situation at hand - and converts the most regulated minds into catatonic disasters.

It's those breath-cutting moments when we realize that something is amiss and that some intangible issue is a deep result of certain misguided choices that we made at some point. Deeply dependent on initial conditions, the chaotic spins and vortexes that pass our trajectories throw us around, and threaten humans with talk of malestroms and typhoons. The most unfortunate aspect of this analogy is that those vortices are formed by small errors in judgment, and our own erratic thought processes in reaction, blow these out of proportion. We create imaginary situations during which we become religious - deeply believing in an imaginary entity to deliver us from this imaginary condition.

Imaginary? Is the loss of hard-earned money imaginary? Is the death of a child imaginary? Are we even imagining our own lives? Perhaps, but more probably not. These are only the vortices that spin into our waters. Rather, the complex nature of these incidents make them cosmically insignificant. The much more basic laws that govern these situations are permanent and significant - their collective results are as well, but to a far lesser extent.

To us, these moments of despair and longing for peace and perfection become diabolic entities - indeed the demons of yesteryear - possessing us into epileptic irrationality. 

And it is those moments of dramatic clarity that make us jump from our seat and shout in bliss. Those sharp  and precise moments of lucidity when you awaken from this dream and see the true nature of these vortices from above the repetitive waves of daily life. This perspective is rare and cherished - it is what provides humans with potential and joie de vivre.

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