Wednesday, August 24, 2011


And now for something different. This is presque stream-of-consciousness. It's also non-fiction.

"Well - you should try and get as many of those tiny naps as possible... reminds me of jetlag.... which is total torture sometimes and unnoticeable at other times.  Also reminds me of the astronomy day up at the mountain - I was insanely sleepy so I went out for a walk in the moonlight. Oh and then i didn't want to sleep during the day, so I went for another walk down and up the hill and i slept like a block of lead on the drive back home.

"The entire world looks different when you're pathologically sleepy. Swimmy, disconnected, discrete, interrupted, flashing, haltingits as if the entire timeline is cracked up in front of you, and the brain shuts off periodically - microsleeps... those are the worst. It is a twilight - hanging between this world and dreamland...hanging over the precipice... looking into the realm of deep sleep - where miniature monsters made of purple sand and giant marshmallows coated in chocolate surround you in fantastic unreality. 

"It's like stumbling inside the gate between a spaceship and the void - the lack of gravity prevents you from going in either direction - and while you rapidly lose oxygen, you're also neither in nor out. That is an interesting analogy - to compare reality with a spaceship - perhaps the world of the subconscious mind is far larger than the universe?
"Well if we're figuratively speaking about 'largeness', then yes: for if the physical universe is a subset of mathematics, and every (or at least some) human mind is capable of understanding mathematics, then surely it is a dark void down there in the depths of our minds, interrupted by bright stars of memories - dust clouds of hazier ones - floating in the void.... stuff that you cannot catch and yet exists there - you feel it - it blocks out the light from your brighter ones, and casts shadows into the realm of your mind's eye.

"Perhaps there are black holes - ideas that consume other memories and leave a mere flick of light in the universe, and perhaps beyond - in the deep dark unknown, there lies untapped potential: an ever-expanding black canvas of possibility and imminence...
"Oh! if we could only fill that void with the thickest network of the brightest stars - and render the universe hot and bubbly with positivity. But alas! every star must die... and our memories lapse, giving way to sparkling blue and hot memories, shining into the universe."

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